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How Mouse Repellents Can Keep You Out of Trouble

If you can hear the pitter-patter, queer little sounds of tiny little feet in your home and know well enough that it’s not your cute little kid walking and talking around, it’s time for you to pay attention to that furry intruder infesting your home.

Mice will find their ways to enter even into the cleanliest house or apartment and continue their operations hiding inside a kitchen cabinet or up in the attic. Trust me, the Mickey Mouse from Disney can be pretty nasty in real life!

When buying a new house or apartment, we do anything possible to prevent the invasion of any intruder and stay safe. Biometric door locks, surveillance systems and in some apartments, there are panic rooms too. Forgetting about the particular intruder which has the potential to poison us fatally is not the best thing to do.

Let’s talk about mice and rats. Be it your office, farm or house – they are nothing but a menace. Living in the dark, damp creeks and feeding on your prized possessions, they also chew electric wires which sometimes causes short circuits. Apart from feasting on your food stock, they defecate them too – resulting into poisoning of your food and may even cause plague.

Check the mice infestation in your house by organizing your homes, keeping it safe and using mouse repellents to keep those foul little rodents away from your cave of peace.

The Mouse Problem

Ever since the inception of human civilization, starting from the time when caves our homes were in caves, the invasion of mice had existed. These filthy creatures can live on a very small amount of food and apparently no water at all causing them to live comfortably in modern apartments, inside walls and under the floors. In a home environment, mice are simply a nuisance.

They chew up the insulation of electric wires resulting into a fire hazard. Our food is contaminated with their feces. They are the carriers of deadly diseases and fleas. There are people who can have horrible allergies from the mice urine. The greatest problem is the rate of their reproduction. A few mice will turn into a dozen in one or two weeks.

On the picture above you can see the Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with Motion Sensor.

When winter knocks at our doors, we pull out the woollen cloths from our closets, discovering at once that there are small holes in almost all of them. Oh yes, the furry intruders have done it again. Your favorite jacket or that lovely cardigan that you’ve bought from Russia have become the poor victims of those hardy rodents.

This certainly can be very frustrating. Apart from the fire hazard, the food poisoning or the cloth concern, they are always a headache causing trouble in your home in many other ways.

Your friends will definitely not be comfy in presence of a herd of mice scurrying about your house. No one wants a home infested with mice. This can be an extremely unhealthy environment for children and babies too, which brings us to focus on how to keep these creatures away from our homes.

Why Mouse Enters Your Home?

It’s not true that a very clean and cosy house will absolutely help you to keep the mice away. Although a messy house it’s more likely to be infested with mice, yet it’s not the main reason. The main reason as to why a mouse enters house is because it’s looking for food. Other than that, it might also look for a place to set in for the cold winter weather. A mouse can enter through openings which have a width of about 0.25 inch.

If you can stick a pencil through an opening, then a small mouse can probably get in through that space. The food is the most common reason for mouse infestation though. If you’re leaving food crumbs around and leave out your food, the mice will have a good reason to sneak into your house and nibble on a few crumbs. So make sure that you don’t leave out your food or food crumbs as that can be a warm welcome when a cold winter breeze is blowing outside!

How Mouse Enters Your Home?

How Mouse Enters Your Home?Mouse can enter through different cracks and holes in the foundations, floor or walls in your home. Until other infestations signs are observed, it’s difficult to identify these holes as mouse holes. The body shape and internal structure of a mouse is such that it can easily fit through the smallest of holes even if apparently they don’t seem big enough. Mice have also been found to enter homes through the tiny spaces between windows or ceilings.

They may enter through the sewer lines as well. If the drainage pipes in your home are not sealed accurately, it’s very likely that the mice will enter your home through the pipes in your sink or the drainage pipes of your bathtub. The entry holes around gas lines and plumbing pipes may facilitate their entrance in your home.

The infestations usually start around fall as the winter sets in. Once a colony of mice enters your home, they will find a place which is cosy and warm with no plans to move outside ever again. Allow them to stay over a few months, and you’ll have a rodent zoo comprising over 200 specimens!

The entrance of mouse in your house can be prevented by sealing the cracks and holes using metal or cement. The doors and windows should be properly shut at night. The food should not be left out in the open and waste food should be disposed instantly.

How To Confirm That Your Home is Infested?

Whether your house is infested with mice, can be identified observing some signs in your home. Checking out these signs will ensure you that your house is definitely infested.

  • Mouse Droppings
  • This is the most important sign to be sure that the mice have chosen your home as their residence.

  • Furniture or Bed Holes
  • There might be some holes in your furniture or bedding. Also look out for missing plastic, towel or paper boxes as the rats may use these articles to make their homes.

  • Sounds
  • You’ll experience odd sounds of scratching and other movements.

  • Food piles
  • At the least expected spots, you’ll find hoards of food such as rice or dog food or crumbs. They pile up these food stashes and store in storage areas, under the bed or behind cluttered areas.

  • Seeing is believing
  • If the mice are large in number, you’ll definitely see them running fast inside your home. If you find the above four signs, then a quick movement in the corner of your eye is probably one of those rodents and your eye is not playing with you. If you can see one mouse, this actually means – there are more!

How to Solve the Mouse Problem?

There are many solutions that can help you get the mice out of your house walls. The rodents that are living inside the walls or crevices will definitely get out some time looking for food. So you’ll have a chance for an indirect assault! Let’s check out the solution methods that can be applied to keep your house free from mouse.

Mice Repellent Sprays

These are some oral sprays whose basic function is to keep the mice away from home. Usually they diffuse smells which are detesting to the rodents but not that much to the human residents. They can be purchased from stores with home supplies or from online. One point to remember while using these sprays is that, they are more effective when used in the outdoors. If these sprays are used outside home, it well prevent the mice from entering your home.

These are considered to be a lot safer than most other sprays as they don’t kill the mice. Although the repellents should not be compared to the advanced pest controls, they are quite effective in the area where the sprays have been used.

Electronic Mouse Repellents

There are many electronic mouse repellents available in the market. These repellents function by using sounds of high frequency which can’t be heard by human ears but will drive away the mouse from your home. This is also a very safe method for pest control as it consists of zero toxicity.

These repellents too will not kill the mice and just prevent them from going near the areas where the high frequency beepers are functioning. It might not be easy to find these electronic mouse repellents at local hardware stores and suggested to buy online. In most cases, they are not super expensive.

Mouse Traps

There are a lot of different types of mouse traps available in the market. The price will vary depending upon the effectiveness. Some of the mouse traps are discussed here.

  • Snap-Traps
  • These are the most common and traditionally used mouse traps. You’ll put a bait inside the trap such as peanut butter or such other food that a mouse would fall for. When the mouse steps inside the trap, the spring mechanism is turned on killing the mouse instantly. Afterwards, you’ll have to dispose the mouse.

  • Glue Trap
  • This is also a very popular type of mouse trap. The bait is used in the same way here accept that the mouse is not killed instantly and gets stuck on a sticky surface while walking. If the caught mice is not rescued and released outside the home, it will probably die due to dehydration.

  • Electronic Mouse Traps
  • These are the most effective mouse traps and also the most inhumane ways to kill a mouse. When mice are caught in these traps, they are electrocuted and die instantly. However, most electronic traps are costly and cannot be used be more than once.

  • Humane Mouse Traps
  • These are for those home owners who want to get rid of the rodents from the house but do not want to kill them inhumanely. These traps only capture the mice through the bait and the captured mice can later be released alive. The only problem is that there is a chance that the mice might be back at your home in no time.

Mouse Poisons

This one is a rather common and easy way to kill the mice. Poisons called rodenticides are randomly placed at the entrance points and around your house to prevent their entrance. The smell of these attract the mice and they ingest the poison, which ultimately kills them.

These are also considered to be the most dangerous forms of pest control because they can be extremely harmful if somehow falls in the hands of your infant or is eaten by your pets. A local exterminator can help you with tips to use these poisons in a risk free environment.

3 Great Mouse Repellents on Amazon

Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap

The Victor M2524 is an extremely popular electronic mouse trap praised by almost all the users. The device uses an electronic sensor to detect when a mouse enters the unit. Within 5 seconds a high voltage electric shock will kill the mouse.

There’s a built-in safety switch to make sure that kids and pets are safe. Each set of batteries can kill 100 mice, which is simply fascinating. The best part is that you won’t have to touch the mice to dispose it. Opening the lids, you can dispose it hands free!

Home Sentinel 5 in 1 Pest Controller

Home Sentinel brings this amazing device that can keep away multiple pests and rodents including rats, mice, roaches, spider, fleas, bed bugs, flies, ants etc. It also includes an air cleaner whose function is to remove the bacteria in the air that might attract any unwanted pests.

It has a coverage of more than 5000 square feet, which is enough for an average household. There are three basic functions: The Ionic, The Electromagnetic and the Ultrasonic Mode – combination of these 3 super powers will keep your home totally free from mice infestation.

Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

This is one of the most environmental friendly mouse repellents and very safe too. They don’t have that sick chemical smell and repels the mice with a woodsy aroma, which smells really refreshing to human nose and are extremely offensive when it comes to rodents.

It doesn’t even need any safety warning on the package. Best feature – it is 98% biodegradable. Anyone who has used this repellent for once, came back for more!

Handle Your Mouse Problem In The Beginning

Mice are definitely not the most pleasant creature to have as a pet in your home. It’s horrible to see them scurrying behind your gorgeous furniture and can be a catastrophe when you consider the health issues. Diseases like salmonella can sicken your entire family and the food poisonings have been reported to cause human deaths in extreme cases too.

Once you’re aware that mice is infesting your home, waste no time and act immediately. There are lots of options in the market suiting to what you need. If you are against inhumane killing of the mice, get one of those repellent which do not kill the mice. Over and above, mouse repellents can be a great way to keep the mice away and have a healthy and safe home environment. If you don’t have one, go and get the best one now!

Trust me, you’ll never regret it.